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How Truth is Tied to Time & Eternity – Part 3 of 3

Just as there can be no right without wrong, no good without evil, no day without night, we can’t have time without timelessness or better said, we can’t have an... Read More

How Truth is Tied to Time & Eternity-Part 2 of 3

Evil Exists. Therefore, so Does Eternity This is a continuation of Time & Truth.  If you haven’t read through Part-1, please do so before reading Part-2.  What’s below will make... Read More

How Truth is Tied to Time & Eternity – Part 1 of 3

Truth and Time Part 1 of 3   I believe eternity exists because truth, good and evil exist. This may seem like an odd approach to proving the existence of... Read More

Quieting Your Heart to Listen – A Trip to Cambodia

This blog is not intended to be a lecture on life; far from it.  This is simply my recalling of a humbling expedition I was a part of that changed... Read More

The False Awakening vs. Lucid Dreams

Everything we experience in life, either in the conscious or unconscious state, is interwoven and meant to teach us something about ourselves or where we’re headed.  Dreams are unique and... Read More

In Your Dreams – Part 2

In part one I talked about dream symbolism and how it’s more relative to the dreamer and not universal to everyone.  To touch a bit more on this subject I... Read More

In Your Dreams – Part 1

We’ve all driven past or visited a cemetery at some point in our lives. But what happens when the cemetery comes to you by way of your dreams? Is this... Read More

Death After Life After Death

What if you could have complete confidence that there is life after death?  Would it make you live your life differently now?  What if you also knew, with complete certainty,... Read More

Sliding in Broadside, in a Cloud of Smoke

I saw an ad in our local paper last week showing an elderly man running and the ad proclaiming that the better runners are those who are running in their... Read More

The Gatekeeper of Your Soul

Most of us try to eat the right foods in order to maintain a healthy body and appearance.  Do you remember the movie “Supersize Me”?  The guy ate nothing but... Read More

You CAN Take it With You

We’ve all heard the tired, overused cliché that says, “You can’t take it with you.”  Personally, I think most who have died have “taken it with them.”  They’ve taken their... Read More

Death’s Door

When I was five years old my mom was killed in a traffic accident.  She was only 35.  From that point on, no one was going to tell me that... Read More

Soul Searching – Do the Deceased Visit Us?

Soul Searching: Do deceased relatives or friends visit the living? In order to comment on this subject I thought I would establish some basic beliefs that are assumed by making... Read More

Oh No You Didn’t

An unknown sage once quipped, “Those of you that think you know everything are annoying to those of us that do.” For anyone who is, or has been, at the... Read More

Are Ghosts Real? Part-2

In my last blog I offered, what I thought to be, a reasonable approach to evaluating the data concerning people reporting ghost sightings in cemeteries or other locations. I made... Read More

Are Ghosts Real? Part 1

We’ve all heard ghost stories. But is that all they are? Stories. You can talk to almost anyone and they’ll tell you they’ve either seen a ghost or know someone... Read More

Our Fascination with Cemeteries

Why are we intrigued, maybe even fascinated with cemeteries? To some they’re frightening and to others comforting. I don’t know anyone who views the subject of cemeteries as if you... Read More