Monthly Archives: September 2018

In Your Dreams – Part 1

We’ve all driven past or visited a cemetery at some point in our lives. But what happens when the cemetery comes to you by way of your dreams? Is this... Read More

Oh No You Didn’t

An unknown sage once quipped, “Those of you that think you know everything are annoying to those of us that do.” For anyone who is, or has been, at the... Read More

Are Ghosts Real? Part-2

In my last blog I offered, what I thought to be, a reasonable approach to evaluating the data concerning people reporting ghost sightings in cemeteries or other locations. I made... Read More

Are Ghosts Real? Part 1

We’ve all heard ghost stories. But is that all they are? Stories. You can talk to almost anyone and they’ll tell you they’ve either seen a ghost or know someone... Read More

Our Fascination with Cemeteries

Why are we intrigued, maybe even fascinated with cemeteries? To some they’re frightening and to others comforting. I don’t know anyone who views the subject of cemeteries as if you... Read More